Please apply at gate 1 for entrance cards for residents, domestic workers, gardeners and contract workers.

The following documentation is necessary:

Residents: Copy of offer to purchase or lease agreement and original ID document and valid drivers license.
Domestic workers/gardeners and contract workers: Original ID document

Cost for resident entrance card: R60.00 per card
Cost for domestic workers/gardeners: R60.00 per card
Cost for building contractor access card: R60.00 per card
Cost for business employee card: R60.00 per card

*Owner will be levied. No cash.

Issuing of Access Cards:

Type of Card Cost Valid for the period of: Revalidation Requirements
Home Owners R60* Ownership 24 Months
  • Registration of Property; or Sale Agreement with authorisation letter from registered Owner; and
  • RSA ID or Passport
Tenants R60* Lease Period Extension of rental period, or 24 months
  • Signed lease Agreement; and
  • RSA ID / Passport
Domestic Workers R60* Employment 6 Months
  • RSA ID / Passport permitting work in SA;
  • Accompanied by Resident.
  • No asylum papers.
Building Contractors R60* Building Period, or maximum of 12 months 6 Months
  • Tshwane Approved Building Plans.
  • Letter from the owner appointing a Builder.
  • RSA ID or Passport permitting work in SA.
  • Workers to be accompanied by the appointed Builder.
  • No asylum papers.

*Cost will be added on owners levy account.

Limit on Number of Access Cards:

Type of Stand Maximum Cards
Full Title 10*
Sectional Title 6*
Shared units/dwellings/sectional title 6*
Vacant 1 (Owner)
Building Contractor Code Approval by the HOA required
Business Application Code Approval by the HOA required

*For residents residing in the estate.

Notes on Access Cards:

  1. Apply for Access Cards at GATE 1 SECURITY OFFICE on Mondays to Fridays between 07h00 to 15h30.
  2. Revalidation of Access Cards done at GATE 1 SECURITY OFFICE.
  3. Driver’s license will NOT be accepted as positive identification for issue of access cards.
  4. Only Access Cards with Name, stand number, and ID photo are valid.
  5. Cost will be added on owner's levy account.
  6. Access cards that are inactive for a period longer than 2 months will be cancelled.
  7. Pedestrian children, twelve years and older, must be in possession of an access card if entering or leaving the estate on his own.

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