GPS Coordinates:


Board of Directors:

Name & Surname E-mail address
Frans van Eeden
Werner Herbst
Alex Phillippou
Heinrich Beukman
Ben Groenewald
Vuyelwa Vumendlini
Gilbert Muller


Estate Management:

Name & Surname

E-mail address

Contact number

IP Phone Ext

Ronel Mulvaney
(Estate Manager) (012) 940 8285 3702
Charmaine Strange
(Administrative Co-ordinator) (012) 996 0551 3703
Maintenance and Supervisory Team
Dolf Stoltz
(Facilities Manager)
Aubrey Shimange
Erold Chauke (012) 996 0551 3705

HOA Sub-Committees:



Responsible Director


Social and Ethics committee:

In need of members

Vuyelwa Vumendlini Watchdog on procedures and processes
- Safety Environment
- Labour
- Recruitment
- Contracting
- Management
- Social Responsibility

Safety & Security:

Ben Groenewald - Chairman
Wernfried Hesse - Vice Chairman
Gilbert Muller
Brian Garlic
Olga Raffaut
Gerrie Claasen
Ansophie Le Roux




Ben Groenewald

Access control
- Access Control Cards
- Access Control - Communications (Click-on)
- Entry Control Equipment (booms, computers, printers, recorders, scanners, cameras)
- Perimeter wall
- Perimeter wall electric fence
- Perimeter monitoring cameras (TBA)
- Security control room

- Security service Bidvest Protea Coin
- Clickon Communications
- Maintenance of entry control systems (TBA)

Gardens & Aesthetics:

In need of members

Heinrich Beuckman

- The Aesthetics appeal of entire Estate Garden services, cleaning services & accreditation. Maintenance of entrance buildings, gates and guard houses.
- Generators
- Fire water hydrant
- Cleaning of perimeter area
- Cleaning of stands



Christo Myburgh
Andre Naude - Architect

Heinrich Beuckman

- Approval of buildings
Adherence to Estate building rules
The Aesthetics appearance of entire Estate

Architectural plans - Architect is in control of this asset
- Architectural files - Architect is in control of this asset
- Master Plans - Architect is in control of this asset
- Site Development Plans - Architect is in control of this asset

Communications & Publications IT

In need of members

Werner Herbst

Manage communication channels.
- Newsletter
- Web
- Emails
- SMS's
- Etc

Web hosting
- eTrumpeter

Rules, fines and appeals

Willie Griesel
Danie Schoeman
Brendan Olivier
Aletta Marais

Frans van Eeden

- Rules and fines
- Issuing of fines/warnings
- Appeals


Elmarie Steyn

Gilbert Muller

- Clubhouse (Excluding estate manager offices)
- Utilisation facilities
- Social events
- Clubs

- Pool cleaning

In need of more members Alex Phillippou - Auditors
- Budget
- Insurance
- Asset registr


The Wilds Estate Home Owners Association

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